Canary Islands: Culture and Arts

More than simply Sun, Sea and Sand

Canary Islands Culture and Arts

The Canary Islands has an exceptional natural environment, but there is also an extensive and interesting historic and artistic heritage meaning there are lots of activities you can try as an alternative to the traditional sun and sand holiday. Culture in the Canary Islands is eclectic - an amalgamation of its pre-historic past and the rich artistic and intellectual achievements of today. The Canaries can be summed up as Europe meets Africa, due to the close proximity with the two continents, and there are elements of America and the Atlantic too, with their different ways of living and understanding art. Culture in the Canary Islands has clearly been influenced by the mainland, and also by South America, which has so many ties to the Islands and is firmly rooted in its past. There is a wide range of activities for on offer for visitors. Each island conserves a wealth and diversity of Canary culture, to give visitors an idea of a history that is far more than just sun and sand.