Canary Islands: Food and Drink

More than simply Sun, Sea and Sand

Canary Islands Food and Drink

The Canary Islands’ cuisine is very much affected by tourism and mainland Spanish food. However, two things stand out as being typically Canarian - Mojo sauce and Canarian potatoes. Popular foods in the Canary Islands include Almogrote, which is a hard cheese & garlic preparation that is eaten with bread. Gofio is a grain meal that replaced bread for the pre Spanish natives. There is also Puchero Canario, which is a hearty chick pea vegetable stew, and Bienmesabe, an almond cream. You are also likely to come across foods such as rabbit, goat and goat's cheese, bananas, avocado, papaya, cigars (La Palma), rum. Red wines in the Canary Islands are very good – try Vina Norte on Tenerife which is very popular. And you may find "Vino de Tea" matured in teawood, with a resinous finish.