Canary Islands: Scuba Diving

More than simply Sun, Sea and Sand

Canary Islands Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in the Canary Islands is a magnificent experience. You can expect to hand feed stingrays and turtles in the glorious seas that surround the volcanic islands.

Tenerife, as the largest island, is one of the most popular destination in Europe for scuba-diving. It has reefs, drop offs, swim through's, wrecks, caves and drift dives that not to be missed if you are enthusiastic about a scuba diving holiday in the Canaries. The marine life off the coast of Tenerife puts that of the Mediterranean to shame. Under water visibility when you dive in Tenerife rarely drops below 20 meters, and water temperature a nice 25/6c in summer and a still balmy 18/19c in the winter. Tenerife scuba diving is all year round and is not to be missed.