Canberra: Sightseeing

Australia's Bustling Capital

When in Canberra, one of the top things to do is sightseeing around a city packed with areas of natural beauty and cultural interest. Touring this attractive lakeside city dotted with parklands and nestled in a lush surrounding of bush land and leafy suburbs is a magical experience, especially for the nature lovers. Apart from the natural blessings of this city, Canberra is also home to some of the Australia's most impressive architecture, which manifests itself in the host of national attractions, dispersed throughout Canberra. Being a well-planned city, it is really simple getting around Canberra, even on foot. However, those who are not too keen on the idea can avail the different facilities to tour Canberra. They can take a tour bus, shuttle or best, take the Southern Cross Cruise around the city, where they can enjoy lunch or dinner on board or alternatively they can hire their own boat. Overall, there are many options catering for those looking for a sightseeing holiday in Canberra.