Canberra: Apartments

Australia's Bustling Capital

Holiday Apartments in Canberra

Good quality holiday apartments to rent for a week or more can be found throughout Canberra and are an excellent option for families or couples looking for a bit of holiday privacy. Expect to shell out between $500-700, depending on the time of the year, for a luxury 1-2 bedroom holiday apartment in or around the centre of the city. Higher end and studio apartments in Canberra can be found on Northbourne Avenue while cheaper alternatives are available near the ANU campus. Most Canberra holiday apartments will be furnished to a high standard with satellite TV, internet and include free electricity, bed linen and a full compliment of kitchen facilities. However, many Canberra apartment owners do not allow pets so if you wish to bring one do check beforehand. Apartments in Canberra can be booked online via our accommodation section. This can be found in the main tab above.