Canberra: Hotels

Australia's Bustling Capital

Hotels in Canberra

There is a good range of hotels scattered all over Canberra that offer a host of diverse facilities. Kingston has a few decent hotels half a km from the station, Ainslie Ave also a fine spot for holiday hotels to the city centre. Entering Canberra from the north, the east side of Northbourne Ave has a good cluster of well-furnished and affordable holiday Guest Houses. Those with a taste for more rarefied atmospheres should head for Binara St or the Hyatt, Canberra's finest international 5 star hotel, conveniently located in the national capital's Parliamentary Triangle - just minutes from Canberra's major tourist attractions, the city centre and government offices. Prices vary of course, but on average expect to pay anything from $30 for a single and $45 for a couple upwards per night for a hotel in Canberra. All Canberra holiday hotels use a rating system of 1 - 5 stars, the higher the rating the better standard of accommodation. Hotels can be booked online via our accommodation section in the main tab above. Our links are updated daily to provide all Ok Alpha users with the latest special offers and the best rates for hotels in Canberra.