Sweden: Family Holiday

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Sweden Family Holiday

Whether it’s adventure, beach-lounging or snow-filled, there’s something to appeal to any family heading to Sweden, and Sweden’s family-oriented culture means that children will be made welcome wherever they go. Sweden is a land steeped in a culture of fairytales and mysticism, which is a great way of entertaining all the family. If you head for somewhere like Skane, in southern Sweden, the endless stretch of beach combined with the magical mysteries of surrounding forests provide no end of escapism and fun for families. Sweden is also perfect for family holidays because of the numerous opportunities to swim (there are many lakes in Sweden), or play in the snow. One the best family holidays you can have involves a trip to Sweden’s northernmost area, Lapland. From 14 November onwards, children can visit Father Christmas in his natural habitat, meet the elves and the reindeer. For those of you looking for something more central, Stockholm is very family-friendly: most museums in Stockholm offer children’s tours, many of the shops and hotels have allotted areas for children and there are many zoos and places of interest which consider children’s interests too.