Sweden: Gay and Lesbian

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Sweden Gay and Lesbian

While Sweden has its conservative, and more reserved sides (see Sweden’s take on drinking, etc), it’s attitudes towards homosexuality are liberal; in fact, it is considered to be one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Stockholm has a large gay scene and has a lot to offer. From the bar/restaurant/party of Patricia, every Sunday night on a boat docked in central Stockholm, to Chockladkoppen; the popular gay coffee house situated in Stortorget, Stockholm’s oldest square, the city’s gay scene is a vibrant one, as is Gothenberg’s, albeit on a smaller scale. Sometimes dubbed the San Francisco of Sweden (which is something of an exaggeration), bars like Greta’s and GaysStraight2Hell party events, ensure that Gothenberg makes for great getaway. It is also worth mentioning that most gay bars in Sweden are sex-integrated, so expect both men and women. Accomodation-wise, Sweden’s larger cities do offer gay-friendly hotels, the Berns Hotel in Stockholm, which emphasizes its gay-welcome approach, and the Rival Hotel, a boutique hotel which will impress anyone interested in architecture and design. Cheaper options include accommodation at guest houses and bed and breakfasts like the Odean, or the Hostel B&B, which gets very crowded during the Pride weekend.