Sweden: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Sweden Food Guide - Dining Out

Sweden may not be the cheapest place in the world when it comes to eating out, but there are ways around this if you are on a budget. Firstly, if you are staying at a hotel, or hostel, in Sweden during your stay, the necessity for dining out at Swedish restaurants can be reduced by having a hearty breakfast, usually included in your hotel stay. Hotels in Sweden tend to lay on buffet breakfasts, which normally include a selection of cold meats, bread, tea, coffee, juice, boiled eggs and cereals. Lunch, for the Swedes themselves, is also another main meal, and this too is one of the least expensive meals of the day (lunch is often a third cheaper than the cost of dinner).

Sweden boasts many foreign food restaurants which are often cheaper alternatives; so pizza, Chinese and Indian meals are something to look out for. Dinner, however, is often quite expensive in Sweden, especially if you are sampling Swedish cuisines. Expect to pay anything from €40 per person for a three-course meal, which excludes the cost of drinks. Dining out in Sweden, however, can involve lots of food from other parts of the world, but traditional Swedish cuisine (called husmanskost), if you can get it, is worth sampling. Although it tends to involve a lot of meat, fish (herring) and potatoes, there is enough variety in Swedish cooking for it to remain tasty and interesting.