Sweden: Main Sights

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Sweden Main Sights

As you might expect, many of Sweden’s popular attractions are located in its capital. Anyone interested in Sweden’s history will not be disappointed by its array of well-preserved buildings and museums. Sweden’s largest cultural history collection is held at the Nordic Museum, Waldemarsudde House and is one of the most visited art museums in the country. There is also the Liljevalchs Konsthall public art venue, prehistoric collections and medieval art at the Historical Museum and the National Museum, and one of the big draws at the Vasa Museum is the 360-year-old wooden war ship. There are, however, many places to visit outside of Stockholm: there is the 12th century cathedral and 14th century astronomical clock located in the medieval town of Lund, in Skane, while everything you ever wanted to know about seafaring history, and the sea in general, is housed under the roof of the Maritime Museum in Gothenberg. More cultural history is displayed at the Gothenburg City Museum, located in the Swedish East India Company’s former office. If you’re still hungry for Swedish art, history and culture, head to Malmo, which offers the spectacular Malmohus Castle, St Petri Church, Rooseum, and Konsthall, which are some of Europe’s most impressive contemporary art spaces. If you want to experience the beauty of Sweden first-hand, the Lakeland region, which forms a large part of the country, combines open water, lakes, plains, meadows and large areas of wild natural scenery. On the quirkier side of sightseeing, Liseberg Park, home to one of the world’s best wooden roller coasters, is one of the best amusement parks in the country, and the world: it is often featured in Forbes magazine’s top ten amusement parks. But Sweden’s main sights would not be complete without a mention of one of it’s biggest draws: the Ice hotel in the village of Jukkasjarvi. It has 80 rooms which are built each year from snow and crystal clear ice and contain ice beds.

If you are planning on travelling out of Sweden in and around Scandanavia, be sure to see these sights in Norway and Denmark.

Must-See Sights in Scandanavia 

1. The Geirangerfjord in Norway
With its many beautiful waterfalls, the Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's most popular and most relaxing sights.

2. See Denmark's Royal Castles
Denmark offers travelers beautiful royal castles both in the cities and in rural areas.

3. Iceland's Beautiful Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's much-loved geothermal spa where guests relax in seawater heated by Mother Nature. A visit to the Blue Lagoon (40 min. from Reykjavik) is an invigorating experience year-round.

4. Visit the Aland Islands
The Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden are an archipelago consisting of more than 6,000 islands. More and more travelers discover the beauty of this Finnish province each year.

5. Travel to Spitsbergen
Spitsbergen is a Norwegian island far north in the Arctic Ocean, part of the Svalbard archipelago. Most transportation to Spitsbergen departs from Oslo or Tromso in Norway. Travelers can fly to Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen, book a room on a regular cruise ship, or participate in an expedition-style cruise (for more adventurous travelers). Both types of cruise are offered by Spitsbergen Travel AS.

6. The Island of Bornholm
The most idyllic Danish island. A popular summer travel destination, Bornholm's nickname is the Pearl of the Baltic. The biggest town on the island is Rønne, which is also the point of arrival for travelers to Bornholm.

7. Float Down the Gota Canal
The Gota Canal is an artificial waterway in Sweden from Lake Vänern to the Baltic Sea. Connecting several beautiful lakes, the entire Gota Canal is 190 km (120 mi) long and has 65 locks.

8. Seet the famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi/Kiruna
The Ice Hotel in Sweden's Lapland region is the biggest attraction in the area. Originally, the creators started out building a simple igloo, which later turned into the elaborate and now famous Ice Hotel. This place is made only from the waters of the nearby river Torne and melts each summer!